Snake Pastor fed his church congregation a dog meat

Leader of End of Times Ministries in Mzansi, Pastor Penuel Mnguni went viral once again on social media for allegedly fed his church congregation with a dog meat.

The SPCA has pointed out that animal cruelty is a criminal offence, and people are calling for immediate action.

According to Daily Sun, People want to know how it is possible that the service took place on Sunday and is proudly displayed on the church’s Facebook page, yet Pastor Penuel Mnguni has not been arrested.

The pastor called his act a Holy Communion after a dog was killed and cooked and its meat and blood fed to his followers. The church was operating in Kameelrivier, Mpumalanga on Sunday.

In a video titled Sunday Live Holy Communion Service, members of the church are given the flesh to eat. It is claimed to be the blood of God that will heal HIV/Aids and cancer.

Pastor Giet Khosa of the National Religious Leaders Council told Daily Sun: “What this pastor is doing is pure insanity. This pastor is taking advantage and misleading the people.”

Khosa said the people must not be so easily persuaded. He said the council will be meeting to discuss and suggest legislation to direct Christian communities.

“The council can’t take action against these pastors so we need to come together to discuss ways to deal with them,” he said.

“The health department and the cops should make sure they charge the man and bring him to book.”

SPCA spokeswoman Meg Wilson said there are issues about animal cruelty as well as health and hygiene matters.

“All animals are protected by the law. They should be treated with kindness, compassion and the highest standard of animal welfare possible,” she said.

“Animal cruelty is a criminal act and offenders found guilty may be subject to imprisonment or a fine and will have a criminal record.”

Sangoma Dungamanzi said this is pure madness.

“A dog has never cured anyone. We don’t have to entertain this man. He clearly just wants fame,” he said.

On their Facebook page the church said it is not what goes into the mouth that makes us evil, it is what comes out of the mouth.

“Jesus never limited us to biscuits and juice. Instead he commanded that as often as we remember we partake of his body and blood,” said the statement.

Controversial pastor Penuel has been in the spotlight for a number of frightening and strange acts practised in his church.

He has fed his congregants rats and snakes, walked over sleeping members of his church and now has fed them cooked dog meat and animal blood as a communion sacrament.

In the past, Penuel has been taken to court by the CRL Commission but that hasn’t stopped him from performing his outrageous acts.