Skolopad reveal all she experience living normal life

‘I’m thinking of exchanging Skolopad for my peace’, Mzansi singer and dancer reveal all she experience living normal life after taking music break as she recovers from last accident.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Nonhlanhla said she has enjoyed the peace she has experienced since giving her entertainer life a break to heal from a car crash she was involved in two months ago.

She said that after the incident her priorities shifted and being Skolopad wasn’t as “appealing” anymore.

For an entertainer that has made the headlines almost every day since she stole the attention of Mzansi in a revealing yellow dress back in 2017, the last month has been the most “quiet”

“I have been taking time for myself to heal, since I am still on sick leave. It’s been so peaceful without the stress that comes with Skolopad. No calls from media or promoters and the likes. I have been thinking of just exchanging Skolopad for my peace, I didn’t realised how much I missed it.”

But despite everything that has happened, Nonhlanhla has refused to stop singing, something she’s described as her first love.

She revealed that while she is contemplating never returning as Skolopad, she might take a shot at a gospel career.

“I will always love singing and singing for God is something I was doing long before I became Skolopad. It’s worship, you know. It is borne out of gratitude for what he (God) has done for me.”