Skolopad open up about effects of depression

Skolopad has open up once again about everything goes through if somebody suffer from depression, and how is hard to find the way out.

Skolopad said the multiple delays in fulfilling her music dreams was causing her a lot of frustration.

Skolopad said she’s new person and single

“When people want more of you and you are not given that opportunity it leads to depression. They use power to oppress, lest we hope big brands are not the contributor.”

Following of Nichume’s death, Skolopad, who has been trying without luck to launch her music career, said it was ironic that people weren’t willing to help her now but would send out a “#RIP” message once she’s dead.

A vlogger named, Owami Hlongwane, released a video on her channel asking people to help Skolopad with her career instead of watching her sink deeper into depression.

Watch below the whole clip…