Skolopad: “I had a great time on stage, I felt like Beyonce”

Skolopad feels her ambition is on the way to come true after her last performance despite stresses led her into overdose as disappointment over lack of opportunities.

This comes after Skolopad felt despondent over the lack of opportunities, which led to her being stressed out in her day job as a nurse. Everything came to a head two weeks ago when Skolopad overdosed on anti-anxiety pills.

Despite the challenges of the past, Skolopad has a renewed sense of hope, and performing for a group of women recently added to that.

“I had a great time on stage and this time I even decided, let me just sing my heart out. I sat down, instead of my usual dance routines. I felt like Beyonce and in that moment I remembered why I worked and fought so hard to make people know who Skolopad is.”

The musician told TshisaLIVE she had forgotten how much fun it was to do live performances and that the pure joy she felt on stage was not like anything else she’s ever experienced.

“I felt so great that I even told the audience that I felt like I had a new source of power and strength and perhaps everything has happened the way it has so far, just so I can enjoy moments like that. It was truly magical.”

Skolopad asked members of the audience to capture the moment for her.