Simmy reveals on how family is treating her after fame

A sensational singer Simmy reveals on her living lifestyle in music industry and family, she explains on how she handling fame with family at the same time.
Speaking to TshisaLIVE, the singer explained that despite the fame and success of her album this year, her family back home saw her fame as not much of a “biggie” as they don’t really fully understand what her music career is all about.
“Having a sister that was in the music industry kinda normalises things at home. My family is aware that I’m doing music and they are hearing me on the radio but I think they are always surprised when people scream when they see me and they always ask ‘what’s happening now’ … so that’s the way that things are for me at home.”
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The singer added that home was where she found her peace and keeps the two worlds separate.
She believes that her single, Nawe is going to be a winner with fans.
Simmy explain on how family is treating her after fame
“The song is a very high tempo jazz soul type of vibe which speaks about someone who has finally found the person they have been looking for. In terms of where I drew my inspiration from, although people wouldn’t recognise or hear it, was from Bab Bhekumuzi Luthuli on that song.”
Simmy then explained that she was working on the music video for the song and by the time the single drops, the music video would be out as well.
She expressed that the reaction surrounding her first album has been amazing and was grateful of the responses. “The reaction has been beautiful, I can’t believe it’s only been a year because of how hectic things have been since the release of the album. The demand has been very high and people have been loving it.”
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Simmy added that people’s response to her music took her by surprise especially since it was her first album.
“The feedback was very overwhelming and I wasn’t expecting it seeing that some of the tracks were incomplete. It was an album full of ideas and time was just against us.”
She then stated that of the singles she’s dropped so far from her album, Umahlalela, was the one that was mostly received.
“Umahlalela which is my second single was not one of the songs that I expected people to be wow’d by seeing that it’s actually one of the songs that we actually incomplete.”