Sho Madjozi talks about Burna Boy and Africans Unite concert

Sho Madjozi believes the Africans Unite concert was a “marketing ploy” and that’s why she declined a gig.

On Twitter, Sho said: “It was so clear that the issue of xenophobia in SA was being used more as a marketing ploy by the organisers of the ‘Africa Unite’ concert than as a way to effect real change.

“That was my worry when I declined to perform. Just from the headline act they chose, it was clear that they wanted a controversial figure more than someone, eg Wizkid, who was engaged in the issue in a constructive way.”

Sho Madjozi believes the organisers’ failure to take a stand on the hostility surrounding the concert was disheartening.

“That was further proof that xenophobia was just a way for them to make money. Which is disheartening for those of us who genuinely believe in a united Africa.

“Let me just say that xenophobic attitudes are too widespread in SA and it is a problem. However, it is also a problem to say people were murdered when they were not. Truth does matter.”

Sho said Burna Boy was wrong for threatening to attack AKA in the name of ending xenophobic attacks on Nigerians.

“It is also a problem and super ironic to threaten to physically attack someone (AKA) in the name of *ending* violence.

“To then have an artist who has done both of the above booked without taking any of that back shows the organisers were not at all engaged with the actual issue at hand.”