Sbahle Mpisane ‘mentally tormented’ by stalker

Our favourite fitness fundi Sbahle Mpisane open up the mental and emotional torture she’s been subjected to, allegedly at the hands of a stalker.

Sbahle Mpisane ‘mentally tormented’ by stalker

“For the past 2 weeks I have been dealing with messages from a stalker or hacker that have been blackmailing me & my family on my personal number,” she said.

She warns her fans, family and friends not to fall for the stalker/hacker’s tricks when he/she contacts them using her fake Twitter account.

“Please note that I have not been on Twitter since regaining consciousness and being released from hospital in November. I have NO new Twitter account. Both my Instagram accounts were also hacked,” she went on.

Sbahle was released from a Durban hospital in November after spending weeks in a coma following a tragic accident she was involved in.

Since regaining consciousness and going back home, she has taken time away from social media, posting once or twice to thank her fans for their support.

And yet, there seems to be a thug who is trying to prey on her vulnerability.

“I am already dealing with overcoming an emotionally & physically traumatic accident, and to have someone mentally tormenting me in this way is setting me back emotionally,” she told her followers.

Sbahle pleaded with the culprit to let her focus on recovering.

“I pray and appeal to you, whoever you are to grant me peace.”

A few weeks ago Sbahle reflected on how grateful she was for a second chance in life.

She recently posted aof herself standing up and dancing. When concerned fans said she should be careful, a happy Sbahle was quick to point out that it was just a moment.

“After waking up from my coma, I was in so much pain. It was the most difficult time for my family and friends but they chose to fight for me. Without their faith I would not be here today. I have been blessed with a second chance,” she said on Instagram Stories.