Rouge: ‘Honestly speaking I'm the best female in the game’

Rouge: ‘Honestly speaking I'm the best female in the game’Rapper Rouge cause massive debate on Twitter after proclaimed herself as a best female rapper in Mzansi, best rappers and fans weighs over her thoughts.
It all started when the Mbongo Zaka hitmaker announced that she would be dropping a little something this week that promises to change the game.
As she managed to get fans hyped up, she followed that up by asking them if they would bump the views up to 1 million if she dropped a video that claimed she was “f`***** dope”.
Shortly after, she declared herself the best female currently doing it.

She went as far as reminding “haters” that they are the ones who also send for her to represent the girls whenever the boys “go toe to toe”, or when they need someone “to perform like a beast”.
“The problem here is we are waiting for someone to tell us we are the best. Sorry, that’s not the case here,” she said.

Nadia Nakai sent a shoutout to all female rappers “doing their thing” and included Rouge on the list, a tweet that got artist Gigi Lamayne’s approval.
The Bragga star’s boss, Cassper Nyovest, urged her to not “feed into rubbish”.