Rihanna flattered after Drake suggest having family with her

Rihanna flattered after Drake suggest to have a family and children with her when the singer in conversation on The Shop, reported by Hollywood Life.


While discussing fatherhood, which was exposed by his rap rival Pusha T’s diss track against him, he explained that his reality wasn’t the ultimate fan fairy tale lifestyle where he’d start a family with the Roc Nation songstress.

Both of their fans shook with Drake feelings as well surprised on how Rihanna will react this


“In a way she feels sad about what could have been between them but she also feels kinda mad, too,” the site alleges. “Rih feels like Drake had a chance to have it all with her and he blew it, and now she is left to think about what could have been.”

Now, Hollywood Life claims of the exclusive info, she’s “moved on” and the feelings are all faded away. There’s potential for that to change in the future, though, the site added.