Rasta reveals all difficulties he faces concern his art

Rasta speak about all challenges he faces on his work, he said the most thing hurt him is being left disappointed by those he trusted.

Rasta is famous in Mzansi for making paints of dead & alive celebrities including HHP, ProKid, Boity Thulo, Akhumzi Jezile and Slikour.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Rasta said he didn’t mind the hate or disrespect from people he said can’t see his talent.

“People will always say things. They are not the artist, I am. They don’t see the finished product and they want to judge it already. I would prefer they offer me advice and support, not mean words.”

He said that he doesn’t pay attention to what is being said about him on social media and was only really upset when promises weren’t kept. Like the time he was promised funding for his drawing.

He said that a former business partner offered to pay for him to improve his drawing and painting skills, with enough money to even open a school once he had mastered everything.

“It was all empty promises. There was a group from overseas who said they would fund me. I started enrolling in classes and even found a venue for me to teach my own classes. But there was issues and they left the country.”

He said he was hurt by the incident and turned to painting to deal with the betrayal.

“It was difficult because you put everything into this dream. I mean, I had the funding and everything and then it was gone. It hurt. I struggled to make ends meet.”

Rasta still wanted to see his dream of an arts academy happen and has finally raised enough to make it a reality.

He told TshisaLIVE earlier this month that they academy will be based in Hillbrow, where Rasta says the community is in need of an academy.

He is hoping to open as early as next month and is toying with the idea of calling it after himself.