Ramaphosa promises harsh punishments on gender-based violence cases

President Cyril Ramaphosa promises women harsh sentences will be imposed on gender-based cases following increasing of violence against children and women.

South African women were organized protesting in Cape Town taking their fight to Parliament and parts of the CBD.

Ramaphosa promises harsh punishments on gender-based violence cases
SA women protesting

“We have heard the calls of the women of our country. The collective anger, fear and pain must strengthen our resolve to end all forms of violence perpetrated by men,” Ramaphosa said as he began his much anticipated address to the nation on Thursday.

“All crimes against women and children should attract harsher sentences, a life sentence against men who perpetrates violence against women, must mean life,” he declared.

“We are reviewing laws on sexual offenses to prioritize the needs of survivors. We are going to overhaul the national register of sexual offenders. It will list all the men who are convicted of violence against women and children,” Ramaphosa said.

He said he would also ask that Parliament debate making the list public.

“Gender-based violence cases which have been closed or have not been properly investigated will need to be reviewed,” he added.

“To the men in our country, now is the time to declare that ‘enough is enough’.”