Police save pupil from “burning to death” in Ekurhuleni

School pupil saved from death after people’s anger boiled over in Daveyton, Ekurhuleni.

First they grabbed a suspected gang member and demanded that he point out the ring leader.

This led them to the local high school, where panicking management locked the school gates.

But the crowd broke down the gates and dragged a pupil out.

According to Daily Sun, a short distance away, the suspected gang leader was made to taste people’s justice as he was necklaced and left to burn alive.

Cops came to put out the flames.

Angry residents said they were tired of being terrorised by the Freak Gang. “Three years ago, the OVL gang carried out a reign of terror in Etwatwa and were stopped.

“Now they have resurfaced as another gang. We are going to do the same and wipe them out,” they said.

Ekurhuleni Metro cop spokesman Clifford Shongwe said: “The victim was taken by ambulance to hospital with burn wounds on the lower parts of his body and feet.”

He said cops were monitoring the area and would investigate.

No arrests have been made yet.

Residents told Daily Sun later that same evening cops came to search for residents who took part in the attack.

“The cops were barging into houses. A Unity Secondary girl pupil was shot,” a resident said.

Residents told the SunTeam they have had enough of the violence in the area. “People are killed and dumped in the bush.

“This gang is believed to be behind the killings,” they said.

Resident Sthembiso Yende said as much as he hated the crime and violence in the kasi, he was worried about the incident.

“I am glad residents are worried about violence but this is bad. What if they caught the wrong person?”