Pochettino on Tottenham: “I don’t believe this is the best squad”

Tottenham Hotspurs manager Mauricio Pochettino is not sure if his current squad is better than last season despite their good stats.

“We will see at the end of the season. At the moment I don’t believe this is the best squad,” Pochettino said.

“But I think if you only see the results, playing in the final of the Champions League, it’s easy to say the better squad was last season’s squad because we got to the final.

“We will see if we can repeat, or if we win some trophy maybe we can talk about this being the best squad.”

Tottenham have got four straight victories in the premier league standing but the Argentine is not sure his squad can still maintain that energy on coming matches.

He added: “England is a very competitive country. I’m lucky to have the possibility to play in four competitions, so all need to be ready to play now and is going to have the possibility to play and they need to show their quality.

“The problem in football is it’s not basketball, that you can change every five minutes, you can play only with 11.

“If you want to give consistency to the team, maybe you need to keep your 11 to play consistently, but the moment that you start to change, if you don’t win, ‘why (did) we change?’. If you win and you want to change, the players that don’t play they need to play more.”