Pepe Guardiola pretty sure Arteta will succeed him at Ethiad

Pepe Guardiola has hailed his assistant manager Mikel Arteta, he’s pretty sure he will replace him in Manchester City.

“I’m pretty sure [he’ll succeed me]. He will have success,” he said.

“Sooner or later it’s going to happen (Arteta becoming a manager). He’s a young, young manager. He has experience already, handling big players and big teams.

“He’s got an incredible work ethic. He has a special talent to analyse what happens and to find solutions.

“We talk a lot about what he believes and how he feels.”

The former Arsenal and Everton player joined Guardiola after wenger retired 2018, the Spanish already shown a perfect ability in dressing room.

Guardiola said: “He’s a guy who’s so happy when we win but also suffers a lot when we don’t.

“He’s an incredible person, an incredible human being, with incredible values about the dressing room and what it means to be together.

“He’s already an incredible, incredible manager. He will have incredible success in the future.”

Arteta had a playing career which spanned across 17 years, six clubs and four countries, including over 250 appearances in the Premier League.