Offset and Cardi B repairing their marriage

Offset and Cardi B repairing their relationship in 2019 following split in December last year for alleged cheating his baby mama on mistress and Cuban doll.

Offset and Cardi B repairing their marriage

According TMZ, Cardi B and Offset are communicated many times and focusing on fixing their marriage.

Offset’s vowing to change his ways and be faithful and honest with her, and Cardi’s been receptive … because she misses what they had together.

Cardi’s still not wearing her wedding ring … but not because she’s acting like she’s single. We’re told she’s just not emotionally ready to put it back on quite yet.

We broke the story … the 2 looked like they’d reconciled shortly before Christmas on a fun-filled, jet ski-riding, Puerto Rican vacation — and they admittedly miss each other … at least, sexually.

They were apart for New Year’s, though, because she was touring Down Under, and he was with Migos in Miami, but it seems like they’re always on each other’s minds.


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