Ntsiki slams Moshe Ndiki over body-shamming comment

Ntsiki Mazwai accuse Metro FM of protecting Moshe Ndiki after he suggested on the station’s breakfast show that she does not bath.

After the comment, Ntsiki was upset for it that’s why she wrote a letter of complaint to Metro FM, the station apologised to her and said it had asked Moshe to do the same on air.

Ntsiki was not impressed by Metro FM’s response and said the station was protecting him.


She told TshisaLIVE she had been bullied by Moshe and was surprised that he “was on that level”.

“I think that it’s sad that we live in a society that has normalised body shaming and insults. I think that many women and men who don’t subscribe to the western standards get called dirty and I represent those Africans. I think that it’s sad that someone in the LGBTI community who knows how it feels to be discriminated against and bullied is now doing the same thing.

“For me that is the most tragic part, especially considering how much work I’ve put into making SA an LGBTI-friendly space using my social media and music. When I heard what Moshe said I was surprised that he was on that level. I expected better from him. I didn’t know he was mean-spirited until now.”

She said Moshe had not apologised to her personally and slammed him for referring to her as his friend in his public apology, saying the pair were not close.

“I don’t even know him. I interviewed him once for Show Me Love and we didn’t even exchange numbers, so there is nothing that suggested that we have a relationship where he can be so comfortable as to insult and body shame me on a national platform.”

She said Metro FM’s response had “no sense of professionalism whatsoever” and she was in talks with her legal team.