Neymar accused of raping woman in a Paris hotel

Paris Saint-Germain and Brazilian striker Neymar has been accused of raping a woman in Paris hotel room who met on Instagram.

According to UOL Sport, the 27-year-old arrived drunk in five-star Sofitel Paris Arc Du Triomphe on may while alleged to have arranged for a woman he met on Instagram.

Neymar accused of raping woman in a Paris hotel

France reports alleging that the striker became aggressive and violence her, then he did sexual intercourse to a woman without her will.

The victim is referred to as “emotionally shaken and afraid to record the facts” as she decided to report the alleged crime having returned home to Santo Amaro in Brazil last week.

His PSG representative alleged purchased her tickets to Paris and booked the hotel room but up to this time he’s not yet responds a claims.

His father and agent admits that this news has caused them living on difficult moment while the striker denies all claims.

His father added, “If public opinion is not cleared up, and if we can’t show the truth rapidly, this will snowball.

“If we have to show Neymar’s WhatsApps and the conversations with this girl, we will, because it is clear that it was a trap.”

Current, Neymar is in Brazil preparing with team mates for upcoming Copa America.