Zimbabwean mom rescues her son from crocodile’s jaws

Zimbabwean mother made headlines on worldwide news after wrestled her 3-year-old boy from crocodile’s jaws after shoving her fingers into its nostrils.

According to ZBC, Maurina Musisinyana, 30, from the southeastern town of Chiredzi, was in fishing on the banks of the river when she heard her son scream.

Speaking to state broadcaster ZBS, Maurina said: “I still do not believe that I rescued my son.”

According to her, his son was playing nearby that river before dragged into the water by Nile crocodile

Maurina said she had been told about the best way to rescue from crocodile attack by pressing its nose to suffocate it.

Maurina said she ran over and was able to cover the croc’s nostrils while, with her other arm, pulling her son’s head from its jaws.

After releasing the boy, the animal bit Maurina on the hand before letting go of her and retreating back to the water.

Both mother and son were rushed to hospital, with Gideon bleeding profusely from his wounds.