Protesters draw list of racist statues to be pulled down in Britain

Some protesters have listed 60 statues of slavers across the Britain to be pulled down and street names changed after doing the same to Edward Colston.

According to The Sun, he tearing down of Colston’s statue sparked a furious debate over which people get honoured with memorials in Britain, and a statue in London of 18th century slave trader Robert Milligan was taken down yesterday.

The website was published by the Stop Trump coalition in support of the Black Lives Matter protests and maps out 60 statues across Britain which pay tribute to slave traders and “racists”.

The group said: “We believe these statues and other memorials to slave-owners and colonialists need to be removed so that Britain can finally face the truth about its past – and how it shapes our present.

They said they were inspired to start the map by the actions of the protesters in Bristol.

“Statues are exercises of public adoration. And Edward Colston made his fortune in the slave trade.

“He was part of a system of mass murder, torture and human suffering.

“We must learn from, not venerate, this terrible chapter in British colonial history.”

The list of statues and street names range from statues of Christopher Columbus in Belgravia, London, the famed explorer who colonised America to stained glass windows in Cambridge and street names in Croydon.

The news comes after London Mayor Sadiq Khan demanded statues and plaques be removed and street names in London changed if they commemorate slave owners.

Mr Khan told Sky News yesterday: “We’ve got to realise that our public realm statues, squares, street names don’t accurately reflect our values, or London, in 2020.”

But he added: “I don’t condone at all any attacks on our police, any disorder or criminal damages.”

Here is the list of all 60 mentioned by group called Topple the Racists