Ex-F1 supremo says black people are more racist than whites

Former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has claimed that black people are more racist than white people on hit interview with CNN Sport.

Bernie Ecclestone praised Hamilton for his efforts on demanding racial equality but he claimed black people are in often racist cases than whites.

He also surprised with Lewis Hamilton’s reaction, a six-time world champion and the first and only Black driver to compete in F1, who has been a powerful voice following George Floyd’s death.

Ex-F1 supremo says black people are more racist than whites

“Lewis is a little bit special,” he told with CNN Sport’s Amanda Davies,

“First, he’s very, very, very talented as a driver and he seems to be now extremely talented when’s he standing up and can make speeches.

“This last campaign he’s doing for Black people is wonderful. He’s doing a great job and it’s people like that — easily recognisable — that people listen to.”

“I don’t think it’s going to do anything bad or good for Formula One,” he said.

“It’ll just make people think which is more important. I think that’s the same for everybody. People ought to think a little bit and think: ‘Well, what the hell. Somebody’s not the same as White people and Black people should think the same about White people.’

“In lots of cases, Black people are more racist than what White people are.”

CNN challenged Ecclestone over the assertion and he was unable to provide any concrete evidence for the baseless claim beyond saying that he had “noticed” it over the years.

The 89-year-old continued by telling black community to stop put slavers statues on that matter because are less impact on changing racial discrimination than education.

“I think they need to start being taught at school,” said Ecclestone.

“So they grow up not having to think about these things. I think it’s completely stupid taking all these statues down. They should’ve left them there. Take the kids from school to look and say why they’re there and what the people did and how wrong it was what they did.”