17-year-old Girl survived crocodile attack, after drowns in the river

17-year-old girl rescued by villagers after crocodile drowns her while she was cooling off with friends near the Sebamban River in South Kalimantan, Indonesia.

According to the Sun, Devi Binti Sulaiman, terrified pals screamed as the croc clamped its jaws around her arm and she was dragged underwater.

They called for help and hundreds of villagers gathered along the river to search for Devi.

But tragically, the teenager’s lifeless body was found five hours later around 100m from where she was attacked.

Bizarrely for a crocodile attack, her body was found in one piece.

And villagers who caught the massive reptile on Friday using chickens as bait soon discovered the reason why.

The crocodile was missing all of its front teeth due to old age or illness.

Police Commissioner Apri, from the Loban River Police Department, said: “No wonder the victim’s body was intact, the crocodile was toothless.”

The reptile was tied up and pulled ashore, as hundreds of locals gathered along the river bank to watch.

The head of the Tanah Bumbu Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), Eryanto Rais, said: ”When found, the victim’s condition was very critical. She was bleeding from her nose, mouth and hand.

“Officers rushed her to the nearest community health centre, but they could not save her.”

Head of the Conservation Section Region III of the Natural Resources Conservation Agency of South Kalimantan, Nikmat Hakim Pasaribu, said the crocodile had now been entrusted to the Jhonlin Conservation Institute.