Cannibal killer charged for ripping grandmother’s flesh then eating it

37-year-old man was charged with murder for allegedly killed his grandmother, 90, a knife and an ice pick the ate her flesh at their home they shared.

According to the Sun, Cops were called by her woman’s daughter, said Richmond Police spokesman Sgt. Aaron Pomeroy, the Los Angeles Times reports.

She came across the gruesome scene when she called to pick up her mother at the house in Richmond.

When officers arrived they found the victim “bleeding on the family room floor and her nephew in the room covered in blood”.

Dwayne Wallick was allegedly standing over his Ruby Wallick and eating parts of her.

Pomeroy said “I’ve seen it all” but “in 26 years of law enforcement, I have never seen a crime scene of a victim that badly injured”.

Despite being ordered to stop, Wallick, ignored officers and continued what he was doing, the officer said.

Cops deployed a taser but once the 5-second burst of the stun gun subsided, Wallick became “extremely aggressive”.

After a struggle, four officers were forced to drag Wallick out of the residence, still kicking and fighting, Pomeroy said.

At this stage the motive is unknown and Wallick has no prior criminal history or no known mental health issues.

But Pomeroy said investigators believe the suspect was under a type of synthetic stimulant and tests are being undertaken to determine if he had any illegal substances in his system.

Wallick has been his grandmother’s carer and has been living with her for a couple of years.

Despite her age, Ruby Wallick was still highly functioning and was expected to live for several more years, her daughter told police.

She had some eyesight issues and used a walker to get around but otherwise was in “good health,” Pomeroy said.

Wallick was initially detained in hospital and his bail has been set at $1.1 million, prosecutors said.