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Tanzania: President Samia insists the order of the Vice President


President Samia nails the order of the Vice President,

The President of Tanzania, Samia Suluhu Hassan, has instructed the heads of regions and districts to ensure that all livestock illegally imported into the Ihefu valley are removed.

President Samia said this today December 22, 2022 while giving his speech immediately after officially closing the tunnel gate built to divert water to allow for the construction of the dam located in Rufiji in the Coast region.

The order of President Samia nails the order of the Vice President, Dr. Philip Mpango that he issued in the Iringa region on December 19, 2022 during a large meeting with stakeholders where he was told that there are 12 families of leaders who divert water from the Ruaha River for their benefit.

“Let me emphasize the instructions of the Vice President that he gave the other day, all the livestock that were imported against the order should be removed by the heads of the regions here and those that will move to the villages in this valley, the capacity of the villages should be checked,” he ordered.

President Samia has instructed them when dealing with these conflicts, to do their work in accordance with the law, based on professionalism and human rights.

“We have experience of fighting between farmers and breeders, especially in Morogoro region and in one district, I think Kilosa, when asked why so many people are dying from these fights, his answer is that most of the cows belong to the big ones, I can’t touch them now, let me tell you that no big one will destroy this project for us.

“I ask the heads of the district and region to do their jobs, those who are afraid of the bosses should be dealt with and those who divert water should be blocked from the Rufiji River so that the water goes through its natural course and the rules of water distribution should be considered, permits for use and investment that require a lot of water should not be released in high areas, they should be directed to the low plain,” emphasized President Samia

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