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Gogo Manzini answers the question, “Why even ‘poor’ sangomas claim they can make you rich with rituals?”


Gogo Manzini answers the question, “Why even ‘poor’ sangomas claim they can make you rich with rituals?”

Love might also very properly make the world go round, however it is cash that all of us wants, and Gogo Manzini has shared perception into how ancestors can assist with this and properly luck.

Born and bred in Embalenhle (a township subsequent to Secunda), Gogo Manzini, whose actual identify is Tyra Sindane, is a universal ordinary healer (igedla). She is additionally an entrepreneur who owns a casting company known as KOS, named after her daughter.

The sangoma has a big social media following and has regarded in productions such The Morning Show, speakme all matters standard restoration and wealth rituals.

Gogo Manzini did a young Q&A with Reporter.

When did you accept your ancestral calling and how has the journey been?

I accepted my calling four years ago and the journey, like any other, has been very interesting and challenging, but all is going smoothly now. Amadlozi are amazing people to live with.

What kind of rituals exist for fortune/luck and, realistically, how do they work?

Money rituals do exist and were done many years ago by our forefathers, who believed in such rituals. There are many ways a person can perform such rituals, including ukuthwala, isigubhu, lucky charms as well as other rituals that involve animal spirits being connected to the person performing the ritual.

They work by attracting money spirits to [help] grow businesses, churches, celebrities and people from all walks of life.

Please share your insights on moneymaking rituals and how you “tailor” rituals to suit individuals?

Before people undergo such rituals, a consultation with the ancestors and money gods is made so we can get an insight into what procedures need to be followed by different individuals. Consultation gives us clear direction in all ancestral work.

How do people protect themselves from being scammed by fake sangomas or sangomas who claim to know what to do?

Unfortunately scammers have targeted our industry crazily and the sad part is, you can’t tell if a person is real or not!

My biggest advice is people should phahla and ask for guidance from their great ancestors at least three days before visiting traditional healers.

What do you have to say to non-believers who say if the rituals worked, all sangomas would be filthy rich?

That ritual works. People cannot compare the lives of sangomas because our gifts are not the same and the ancestors we carry are not the same. Real money rituals are not done by every sangoma and strangely, sometimes amadlozi can give you the powers to make other people rich, but you are not allowed to be rich.

So yes, it’s a very strange and hard to understand, but I personally believe you can’t give people what you don’t have.

Gogo Manzini answers the question, “Why even ‘poor’ sangomas claim they can make you rich with rituals?”

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