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Kenya: Mwanadada Atumikia kifungo cha Miezi 9 jela kwa kuvunja sahani na vikombe kwa mama mkwe


The Makadara Court in Nairobi (Kenya) has sentenced a young woman to 9 months in prison for breaking her mother-in-law’s cups and plates when she was drunk.

The 24-year-old girl named Faith Kemunto confessed her mistakes and said that she did not intend to do the damage but it was drunkenness that sent her to carry out the damage of breaking dishes.

According to the indictment documents presented before the judge, Ms. Kemunto was charged with illegal and voluntary destruction of door panels, computer batteries, basins and plates worth Sh6450, belonging to Mrs. Crucifixa Makunda on December 25, 2022, in Kamulu district within Njiru sub-county, Nairobi, contrary to s. 339 of the penal code.

Kemunto admitted his mistake and said that his girlfriend’s mother did not love him, that’s why he mixed it with alcoholism and carried out the incident.

While he was doing the damage, the mother-in-law had just escorted the guests and then they heard the noise of breaking dishes while Kemunto was locked inside and threatened to kill himself by stabbing himself.

The police were called and they coaxed him to open the door where they arrested him as a drunk.

The judge ordered him to pay a fine of 20 thousand shillings or else serve a 9-month sentence behind bars.

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