Tuesday, January 18, 2022
NewsCelebs slam eNCA over alleged racist mask video

Celebs slam eNCA over alleged racist mask video

Mzansi celebrities have weighed in on alleged racist mask video involve the popular broadcast eNCA, after one of their journalist treated politicians different during the 2021 budget speech.

eNCA journalist Lindsay Dentlinger received backlash after the video showing him asking black politician to wear a mask while white one just allowed without it.

As you know, South Africa is among of those countries experiencing racism, so any different treat could cause different reactions.

eNCA politician reporter, Lindsay, accused of being racist treating those politicians based on their race which is hard to prove if it was real, or he forgot to instruct the second one, which was white.

The video real annoyed many Africans, which force the broadcast to release statement defending their journalist from online accusations, as it said the TV reporter’s actions were not “racially motivated or with malicious intent”.

“Criticism to this extent levelled at a journalist under these circumstances is unfair and unfortunate. Comments and some video content currently being shared are maliciously misleading,” said eNCA managing editor John Bailey.

Its looks like eNCA clarification wasn’t convince majority, as celebs condemning both media and their journalist for his action.

“still doesn’t see anything wrong with this….nothing…..they even issued a statement saying there’s nothing racist about this……..wow…….and u still gonna tune in as a black person? Andizi ftsek to racists…….let me go get a drink coz, wow I’m fuming right now,” Somizi wrote on his IG.

Other celebs also jump to the issue, doing the same as Somizi, condemning the media for allegedly failing to determine their faults.

“eNCA should just say we won’t get it right all the time and this time around one of our own got it wrong. There is simply no excuse for Madame’s behaviour and they know it. We are not idiots and as people who have to deal with subtle racism our entire lives, this is BS,” Anele Mdoda tweeted.

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