Mthandeni accuses Khuzani for his Album leak

Maskandi star Mthandeni Manqele accuses his fellow Khuzani Mpungose of leaking songs from his new album, titled Ubisi, before the release date.

In a social media post he posted a photo- shopped photo of Khuzani. The photo was of an old man with no front teeth.


He then wrote that the person in the photo had leaked his album.

Mthandeni wrote in isiZulu: “You filthy thing, you will regret this one day. You revealed that you have connections where CDs are made and you have used your connections to leak my album and that of Mjikijelwa. If I was not afraid of being arrested, I would slap you.”

Mthandeni said his album was to be out in stores on Saturday, but he received calls before then from people informing him that they already had the songs.

He denied it was Khuzani’s photo he photo-shopped, but said it was him (Khuzani), who revealed that he had connections.


“I used that photo as I wanted to express my anger toward the person who did this to me. That photo looks like a madala who is jealous. I do not waste my time posting Khuzani. My brand is too big to waste my time talking about him,” said Mthandeni.

Khuzani said he was aware of Mthandeni’s post, saying: “I saw the post but decided to ignore it. It is sad that if things go wrong for him, the first person to accuse is me. I won’t waste my energy on him.”

Khuzani and Mthandeni are known for feuding, which had KZN traditional leaders intervening in an attempt to make peace between them.