Mourinho praises Jurgen Klopp after Liverpool’s Champions League win

Jose Mourinho sends messages of praise to Jurgen Klopp after Liverpool’s UEFA Champions league win against Tottenham Hotspurs.
Liverpool took sixth UEFA Champions league win yesterday as Klopp celebrates a first trophy with reds in sixth defeats on that competition.
Liverpool is a top leading club in English premier league for landing European cups in history.
Mourinho praises Jurgen Klopp after Liverpool's Champions League win
“A manager who reached three Champions League Finals, it’s hard to lose one, must be very, very hard to lose two and today I think it’s a phenomenal day of his life, of his career, Mourinho said.
“As a colleague, I’m very happy with it.”
“On the other side, that’s the drama of football and sometimes it’s not fair,” said Mourinho. “Mauricio has four very good years at Spurs, brings them to the final of the Champions League and is still waiting for the first trophy, not just with Tottenham but of his career.
“I feel very sorry for Mauricio. But I think the English fan, the English supporter, is very loyal and they know when people give everything. They are a bit different to other countries, where everything is about just the winning.
“I think the Tottenham fans are proud of their team, they still look to this team and this manager.
“So I think Tottenham will feel some love at home.”