Mihlali Ndamase slams claims she’s promoting immorality

Mihlali Ndamase found herself trending on Twitter after some users claimed she was promoted bad behavior and immorality after encourage their followers to share deepest secrets on her IG stories.

She started the confession game by telling her followers that she wasn’t here for any stories about murder, but she was soon flooded with “confessions” of murder, cheating and even alleged poisonings.

Mihali Ndamase slams claims she’s promoting immorality

The star said she received personal messages from users who slammed her for promoting bad behaviour and immorality by sharing the crazy confessions.

She wrote, “To the saints in my DM’s outraged by me ‘promoting’ bad behaviour and lack of morals, did tatu God go on holiday and leave you in charge?”

She said she was not here to judge anyone who had confessed and she should not get heat because of other people’s choices.

“I didn’t play this game to judge or correct people, it’s not my job. Everyone that participated is an adult, they know what they’re doing. Andingeni ndawo.”