Mihlali: I’m not comfortable wearing revealing clothes in SA

Mihlali Ndamase has opened up about challenges women faces in South Africa following gender-based violence and child abuse happening in the country.

The star says she would rather wear revealing clothes when she’s in other countries as she feels unconformable in Mzansi following femicide stats.

She tweeted: “I’m really not comfortable wearing revealing things here, I don’t know why but when I travel I can wear the shortest shorts even g-string swimsuits. I’m 10x more comfortable in another country than I am at home, yikes”.

Her comments sparked a HUGE debate in the comments section and the star later deleted the post.

When it was suggested that she might be the problem, not SA, and that she needed to be comfortable in her own skin, regardless of where she was, Mihlali hit back hard.

“Does it make sense to be comfortable in your own skin elsewhere but not at home? I’m not the problem here sir, I think we both know who is.”