Mia Khalifa says she only made $12K from X-rated career

Former adult actress claims that X-rated career is not profitable as many believe, she said she just made only $12,000 from that industry and Twitter freaks.
Mia K only worked from adult film for three months in 2014 when she was 22-year-old but her videos were so popular in 2017 and 2018.
Mia Khalifa says she only made $12K from X-rated career
On Twitter, Mia K reveals that the adult career is low occupation career than others, “People think I’m racking in millions from porn,” the 26-year-old tweeted on Aug. 11.  “I made a TOTAL of around $12,000 in the industry and never saw a penny again after that. Difficulty finding a normal job after quitting porn was… scary.”
One fan from Twitter wrote, “So you mean to tell me that Mia Khalifa signed a 360 deal with Pornhub and only made 12 racks off her porn vids…? It’s a cold world bruh,”
Mia Khalifa is still one biggest name on that industry despite her three months’ career but now she joined sports pundit.
Mia Khalifa says she only made $12K from X-rated career
“To clarify, I was never promised ‘millions’, nor do I expect it,” she wrote on Twitter.
“I’m just clarifying common misconceptions about me, and in turn, about the industry.”
“I was involved in porn so briefly, but my actions spread like wildfire, and I continue to be ranked (truly baffles me) 5 years after leaving the industry.
“This is why people think I still perform.”
Her revelation become a trending topic on Twitter after a YouTube video was posted on Monday night talking about her life.
Khalifa said this was her chance to “tell her story for the first time,” and claimed that coming out of the porn industry was “terrifying.”
Mia Khalifa says she only made $12K from X-rated career
She previously revealed in 2014 she had been targeted by ISIS, after she appeared in the hijab scene.
Speaking on her YouTube, she said: “The turning point, of course, was when I did the hijab scene.
“That is when the ISIS death threats came in, all of the news broke out… globally. Not just in America. It was trending on Twitter, it was all over the news.
“I was banned from a handful of countries… Egypt… Afghanistan… Very Muslim countries were deeply offended by it, and I’m Catholic.
“So to me it wasn’t, ‘Oh yea, this is bad.’ What I actually said when they proposed the scene to me, and this is verbatim, was: ‘You motherf***ers are going to get me killed.'”
Mia Khalifa says she only made $12K from X-rated career
“The day after the scene dropped is when everything blew up.
“I went from 400 followers on Instagram to like 200,000 in the span of three days and then it just kept snowballing until I was at two million like six months later.
“This was after I had quit porn. It just kept growing, and growing, and growing and then my Instagram account was hacked by ISIS.”