Man survives being stabbed in neck at the New England Road

With eight centimetres of a serrated blade stuck in his neck, Mxolisi Madlala (31), sat dazed and confused for almost two hours at the New England Road dump site, sure he was going to die any minute.

According to News24, Madlala, a waste picker at the New England Road dump site, said on Friday from his Grey’s Hospital bed that he was still trying to process the incident and come to terms with how he had survived the horrific ordeal.

“I had been arguing with a man that works with me at the dump. He started swearing at me and then I saw him pull out a steak knife,” said Madlala.

“I was so shocked. I could not believe what I was seeing.

“Then the man started trying to stab me with the knife and I tried to fight him off but then I felt the blade slice into my neck,” he said.

“Everything went dark after that. I fell down and could not see anything but I was in a lot of pain. My very first thought was that I was going to die.”

Madlala said he could hear and understand what was going on around him and that he could remember it all.

He said after a while, his vision came back but everything was blurry and he felt like he was drunk. “Someone called the police, but I sat with the knife stuck in my neck for almost two hours.

“The people around me wanted me to pull it out and I also wanted the blade out so I did try to take it out but the police arrived and stopped me.

“If I had taken the knife out, I don’t think I would be alive right now.”

He said he was relieved when the ambulance arrived but he still felt like he was drunk.

“I still couldn’t see properly but they [the paramedics] took care of me.

“The doctors and the paramedics say I am lucky to be alive. I feel lucky.”

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