Man found burnt in boot of hijacked car in Cape Town

A man believed to have been hijacked was found burnt to death in the boot of a car after a dramatic sequence of events in Cape Town on Wednesday night, reported by News24.

Ocean View police spokesperson Sergeant Leon Fortuin said it is understood that two women had taken a lift with two men in a vehicle on Wednesday night.

Along Slangkop Road, near Ocean View, the women saw a body at the back of the car, and wanted to get out immediately.

“The males didn’t want to let them go,” said Fortuin.

There was a crash with another car while this was playing out, and the person in the other car then gave chase.

After the two men in the hijacked vehicle pointed guns, the driver in the other car started reversing.

In the meantime, the women managed to run away.

As the other driver was reversing, he saw the two men “scratching” in the car, and then setting it alight.

It is suspected that the victim in the boot had been shot, but was still alive at that point.

Fortuin said the incident was shocking.

The women have been traced, but the two men who were the passenger and driver of the hijacked car are still at large.

Fortuin said the victim was from Scarborough.

“According to information, police attended to the complaint at the address. Upon their arrival, they found a body of an unidentified person in the boot of a vehicle,” provincial police spokesperson Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana said.

A murder investigation is underway.

Asked to comment on local residents’ concerns of a spike in crime along that strip of road in the past week and a half, City of Cape Town Safety MMC JP Smith said he was not aware of the incidents, because the police did not share real-time information with the City’s metro police.