Man denies raping his mother in Cape Town

A man denies raping his mother, 55, in Cape Town insisted he was innocent when he appeared in court on Monday.

The 24-year-old man told the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court that his mother used to take them to church and taught them to have an upright life.

But that changed, he claimed, when she started indulging in “different” things.

He said that he did not approve of his mother’s new lifestyle.

“That’s why she put me here. She doesn’t want me to see all the bad deeds that she does,” he told the court.

The man allegedly committed the crime in Nyanga last Sunday. It is understood that he hails from the Eastern Cape

He has not yet pleaded.

Prosecutor Nicky Konisi said the State intended to oppose his release on bail.

He will remain in custody until his bail application on February 4.