Man arrested for raping pregnant goat in Winterveldt

A bricklayer is behind bars accused of raping his neighbour’s pregnant goat and spent all night with the animal after snatching her from her penin in Winterveldt, South Africa.

Feselani Mcube, 33, arrested accused of raping and is being held on a bestiality charge while the animal is receiving medical treatment from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


Animal owner, Khumalo admitted he was shattered to see her in such a dreadful state after her vile ordeal.

“I felt I should have done something to protect her,” he said.

He said he heard the nanny making “strange noises” around eight at night in Winterveldt, South Africa.

“I did not take it seriously,” he said. “I thought maybe it was about to give birth since it was pregnant.”

But the goat was missing the next morning when he went to check on her.

“I went around the community looking without any success,” he said.


“Later, when I returned home, I found the goat was back. However, it looked unwell.”

Mr Khumalo said that as he examined the animal a man approached and asked if he was the owner.

“He then told me that he had been at Mcube’s shack that morning and had found the goat in his bed,” said Mr Khumalo.

Samuel Sebola, police captain confirmed this case and Inspector Mishack Matlou confessed it was the “highest form of animal cruelty” he had experienced.

“As the SPCA, we want to call on the judiciary to take tough action against cases of cruelty against animals,” he said.