Man appeared in court, allegedly raped 82-year-old gogo

29-year-old man from Newington Village, near Bushbuckridge in Mpumalanga, appeared in the Mhala Regional Court yesterday, allegedly raped 82-year-old woman.

The trial has been postponed several times since November. The accused had a conflict with his Legal Aid lawyer, who advised him to plead guilty.

New lawyer Peter Malibe asked the court for time to consult with the accused.

“I ask for the case to be moved until tomorrow as I’m planning to draft a plea statement for the accused, and I want to explain everything to him so he doesn’t change his mind again,” Malibe told the court.

The accused has been out on warning since allegedly breaking into the gogo’s house in January 2017 and raping her.

He was bust after cops found his cellphone at the scene and DNA linked him to the rape. He has other pending rape cases.

The gogo’s daughter said the traumatised woman moved in with her after the incident.

“It was not the first time gogo was raped and the first rapist was never bust. Gogo just cries nonstop,” she said.