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The Nature Forest Reserve


The Forest Nature Reserve (NFR) category of protected area (PA) offers the highest level of protection under the National Forest Act of Tanzania.

FNRs are state-owned and are managed by the Tanzania Forest Services (TFS) Agency. No extraction of woody or animal species is allowed in these FNRs and activities are generally restricted to research, education and nature-based tourism.

Todate, Twelve (12) FNRs of Amani (8,380ha); Uluguru (24,115ha); Kilombero (134,511ha); Nilo (6,225ha); Rungwe (13,652ha); Magamba (9,283ha); Chome (14,283ha) and Mkingu (23,388ha); Uzungwa Scarp (32,763ha), Rondo Plateau (14,000ha); Minziro (25,000ha) and Mount Hanang (5,871ha) have been fully proclamation as NFRs. 

An ongoing process to submit a dossier to the UNESCO Commission for advancing a number of these NFRs to a World Heritage Status (WH) is at an advanced stage.

The ongoing process to review and ultimately re-submit the  dossier to the UNESCO at a later stage accordingly, is at a higher status.

The revised World Heritage (WH) dossier is now ready for submission to UNESCO after endorsement and approval by the Government of United Republic of Tanzania. 

A number of advocacy and publicity materials have been prepared to support the WH re-submission process, create awareness and publicity for the same.
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