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Scenic View|Kaporogwe Falls


Scenic View|Kaporogwe Falls.

Thrilling 25-metre Kaporogwe Falls originates from Kala River, a tributary of the Kiwira River. A day trip to these falls would be an exciting moment.

The waterfalls, also known as Kala Falls are sheltered beneath impressive natural gorge of basalt rock and which creates more excitement to visitors viewing or getting snapshots of the falls.

Among notable, tourist attractions in Mbeya region is Kaporogwe Falls, natural huge water drop on Livingstone Mountains.

Counted as a thrilling attraction in Mbeya Region, Kaporogwe Falls are located some 25 kilometers from Tukuyu Township, a fast growing tourist locality in Southern Highlands of Tanzania.

It is also possible to climb down the falls, with care, and to find routes into caves behind the curtain of water plummeting down before you, and to swim in the pool beneath.

Good walking and swimming possibilities can be organized by qualified guides familiar with area.

Driving towards the Kaporogwe Falls is as well, an exciting moment. It gives a visitor to this area a thrilling moment when passing through green and fertile land, full of interesting off-road diversions.

The journey to Kaporogwe Falls gets a visitor a quick view of perennially lush and bountiful forests of the Livingstone Mountains, adding more travel excitement.

There is a natural cave behind the falls and a concrete wall where Germans have built as a fort or a hideout during the First World War.

The area around the falls is as well, a pre-historical site after discovery of stone tools there. These including knives, scrapers, picks and axes.

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