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Pare Mountains|Isolated range of Ancient massifs


Pare Mountains|Isolated range of Ancient massifs

Part of the Eastern Arc vary in north-eastern Tanzania, the far off Pare Mountains are extraordinarily profitable to the avid trekker looking for trekking trails off the crushed path.

Home to the Pare tribe, agriculturalists and pastoralists who have generally retained their usual way of life, a hike thru the Pare Mountains takes traffic thru nearby villages and lovely forests as nicely as it provides the risk to discover a much less visited section of the country.

The Pare Mountains are phase of the Eastern Arc Mountains, an remoted vary of historic massifs that stretch shape the Taita Hills in southeastern Kenya into Tanzania, the place the vary consists of the Pare Mountains, East and West Usambara and the Ulugurus close to Morogoro and the Udzungwa Mountains.

The steep crystalline ridges and peaks of the Eastern Arc region are lots older and a geologically separate formation from Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. The modern-day levels commenced to take form some one hundred million years ago, and attained their existing shape at the begin of the Miocene Epoch, 25 million years ago.

The southern Pare Mountains are situated in Kilimanjaro Region, about 150 kilometre south of Moshi. From the surrounding plains, the mountains look like a barren and deserted area, but when you start climbing the slopes, one of Africa’s most special landscapes is revealed for your eyes. Between huge desolate rocks lie small green river valleys where farmers have built impressive stone terraces.

pare mountains
A giraffe grazing around Pare mountains

On top of the mountains is the Chome forest reserve, a dense tropical forest with many rare trees and plants. The forest offers an oasis of rest, beauty and fresh air. Visitors can easily walk a day through the forest without meeting anyone.

The surrounding villages are among the most isolated places in Northern Tanzania and the local people have kept their traditional Pare culture throughout history. Narrow footpaths wind through the mountains from one village to another.

Southern Pare Mountains Tours Includes:
– A walk through the Chome forest reserve, a tropical forest of over 100 square kilometre.
– A climb to Shengena Peak, the highest point in the Pare and Usambara mountains
– A view into the Pare culture (old stories, traditional dances)
– A visit to several development projects in our villages (irrigation, soil conservation, afforestation)

A stay in the Southern Pare Mountains can perfectly be combined with a visit to the neighbouring Mkomazi Game Reserve, where game drives and walking safaris are possible.

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