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Pamela Mtanga launches her first wig collection – Honey Comb Hair


Pamela Mtanga launches her first wig collection – Honey Comb Hair

Award winning multimedia entrepreneur Pamela Mtanga launched her first wig collection brand.

The rising star who’s also a media personality is said to have passion on hair ever since back then but she recently revived her dream making it come true.

The new line of wigs, which have been named after the social media influencers who modelled in them, cater to each and every kind of person.

“Anyone who loves hair can put on it as a crown due to the fact we consider that hair is your crown, whichever way you pick out to put on it,” Pamela tells reporter.

She says the first launch introduces entry-level and low-priced luxurious wigs priced between R2,000 and R5,000. Her 2nd collection, set to launch at the stop of May, will be complete luxury.

In much less than a year, Pamela envisions opening her first keep and salon, however for now she is at the forefront of the commercial enterprise assisting clients via the technique of shopping for hair on the Honey Comb Hair SA Instagram page.

“It’s for the ardour of hair and I prefer human beings to experience the magic we will be giving them.”

After taking pictures her ultimate episode as a presenter on Channel O’s Massive Music, the media persona took her salary and put it into her business.

“I used to be devasted when it got here to an end, however it took me a couple of days to see the entirety as a blessing. Massive Music used to be there to raise my profession and assist me begin this business.”

Pamela’s aunt ran a hair business single-handedly and she followed in her footsteps, attending Nelson Mandela University after high school.

“I only stopped doing hair as I started working because I started MCing, getting more bookings and I had less time, but I always knew that I would go back and revive that passion.

“I knew that my love for hair, and the brands I’ve been working with in my influencer career, that the more knowledge and trust I was gaining with my audience, I would be able to start my own business because I am a trusted voice in that regard.”

Since shooting to stardom, Pamela has been a force to be reckoned with. She is grateful for the strides she’s taken in the entertainment industry.

“I really would like to think of my career as something that was written in the stars. My career has been a culmination of hard work and meeting people along the way that God has placed in my path. Now I am a media personality going for her dreams. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.”

Pamela Mtanga launches her first wig collection – Honey Comb Hair

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