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Mpumelelo : Musa Mseleku’s son on polygamy


Mpumelelo : Musa Mseleku’s son on polygamy

Musa Mseleku’s son Mpumelelo may be following in his fathers’ footsteps via having extra than one girl in his life, and he plans to have extra better halves than his historical man.

He stated he understood polygamy used to be no longer about money, however he was once making positive he ought to manage to pay for greater than one woman.

“We have a lot of girlfriends and then there would be one you choose as a woman you could take home to introduce to the family. You can’t just have one girlfriend and make that girl your wife only for that person to betray you. You have to date a lot of women then choose,” he said.

“I love women. I would be lying if I said my father convinced me into being a polygamist. If I was doing it for my father, I would not be able to continue doing it. I am still going to continue. I won’t say how many women I plan to have, but they are more than my father has.”

Mpumelelo also admitted to stepping outside his two relationships to have casual relations with Queen Lolly, whose real name is Nomfundo Shezi.

Speaking to reporter previously, Mpumelelo’s father, the popular polygamist and businessman Musa, who has four wives, said he was happy his son had decided on his own to pursue polygamy.

“Mpumelelo has to first answer to himself as a person, whether what he’s doing is exactly what he wants or it’s what he’s seeing me doing. He has to be truthful to himself to say, ‘Am I ready to go through this journey with these women’, because if that’s not the case, he will fail, even while I’m around, because he has to love it, live it and own it.

“I have an obligation as his father to say, ‘My son, I’m not excited by the fact that you’re following in my footsteps, but what will excite me is that you, as a grown-up man, take a decision, you own the decision, to live this kind of a lifestyle … because you will then extend the vision,’” he said.

Mpumelelo : Musa Mseleku’s son on polygamy

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