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William Getumbe: Mwanamuziki wa injili anayeugua Fistula avalia nepi hadharani ili kuhamasisha umma


Gospel musician William Getumbe caused a stir in Eldoret when he wore diapers and danced in the streets to raise public awareness about cancer, Fistula and other lifestyle diseases.

Getumbe is suffering from the problem of fistula in men, which has forced him to wear diapers all the time.

The singer who wore a Santa hat also went to the Eldoret West open market to raise awareness.

He attracted a large crowd as residents sought to know why he was wearing diapers.

He explained that for several years he has been suffering from the problem of urinating without a brake and forcing him to wear diapers.

“I decided to come forward and use my situation to mobilize the public because I know there are many people who are suffering from the situation but they are suffering in silence instead of coming forward to talk and be helped”, Getumbe said.

Getumbe who is a father of two children said he has spoken to his wife and children who have accepted his situation.

“There are those who don’t want to talk and have been abandoned by their families and the community, but they can still be helped to get treatment or any other help”, he said.

He said he was also using his gospel music and church sermons to sensitize Kenyans about these diseases.

He asked the government to strengthen the health system and focus on those diseases or health problems that affect many people

“We urge the President to make sure that things like cloths are cheap so that they can be easily reached by those of us suffering from fistula”, Getumbe said.

Duncan Arum from Unity Love Foundation said they have partnered with Getumbe to support awareness activities.

“We decided to join him because through the institute we have recorded many cases of men suffering silently from diseases such as fistula”, Arum said.

He asked Kenyans who have similar challenges to come forward and speak so they can get the help they need,” Arum said.

Arum said they will send awareness campaigns to other areas in the country.

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