Lerato Kganyago open up about her love life

Media personality Lerato Kganyago has open up about her love life in her YouTube channel following speculations from social media.

Recent videos on her channel, Lerato speak out about cheating and scandal in relationship, she also said she losing her virginity at age 24.

The episode also featured two guests, well-known makeup artists Clara Banx and her cousin Koki.

Lerato Kganyago open up about her love life

Clara fell pregnant at a very young age and recounted her experience. Lerato responded by saying she was nowhere near to having sex at that age.

“I’m trying to remember what I was doing at that age. At 22 I was still a virgin. I lost my virginity at 24,” she said, adding that she was a late bloomer.

Lerato also touched on her relationship with her mother, explaining that the pair didn’t have a strong bond.

“I’m working on being closer with my mum, but our relationship is not as strong as I would like it to be because I was raised by my gran, which is something that happens in most black families. My gran was my pillar … I mean the first time I had a crush on someone or dated someone, my gran would know about it, whereas … even now my mother has no clue what’s happening in my love life,” she said.

Lerato said fame has had an impact on her relationships and she gets excited when she meets a guy who is not a groupie.

Fame has also not stopped her from being judged by other women. Lerato said one of the most hurtful criticisms was from a former friend who judged her for not having a man or a child.