Krugersdorp killer accused faked his own death

One of the men accused of an 11-person murder spree in Krugersdorp faked his own death and got a co-accused to submit a fake insurance policy‚ the South Gauteng High Court heard on Friday.

According to TimesLive, Zac Valentine‚ 33‚ and two others – Cecilia Steyn‚ 37‚ and Marcel Steyn‚ 20 – are accused of murdering 11 people from 2012 to 2016. They also face charges of robbery‚ aggravated assault‚ racketeering‚ possession of an unlicensed firearm‚ fraud and identity theft. They pleaded not guilty to 32 counts.

Earlier this year former high school teacher Marinda Steyn‚ 51‚ was sentenced to 11 life terms for the Krugersdorp murder spree. Her son‚ Le Roux Steyn‚ is serving an effective 25-year prison term and has testified against the three remaining accused. Marcel is her daughter.

Sean Shadzkelowitz‚ a claims specialist manager at Discovery Life‚ told the court that Valentine was a former employee at the company. As an employee‚ he was entitled to a benefit known as the risk group cover.

“When you resign‚ you leave the scheme‚ but you take it on a personal capacity‚” he said.

He said Valentine chose to continue with the scheme when he resigned in July 2015. In August‚ the company extended Valentine’s policy.

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