Klopp claims Mourinho has to accept the paid price of his failure

Jurgen Klopp feels Manchester United were right to fire Jose Mourinho as the paid price for failing to meet the club requirements.

Mourinho was sacked in yesterday after loss of last match against Liverpool as Klopp feels Manchester United got less than their expectation after appointed the special one.

“He wanted to be successful at United — and he was, but then it didn’t work out in the way everybody wanted it to,” said Klopp.

Jose Mourinho

“Then you have to take the consequences. That’s how it is in our job. I always said it.

“It’s the same for me. And if the club thinks there is someone who can do it better, then they have to change.”

“I have to say, on our level – and it’s not that I don’t feel for him or whatever – if a manager got the sack in the Championship or in League One or League Two, that’s a bad moment, because you don’t know if they will get another job and stuff like that,” he said.

“If Jose wants to have another job, he has it in two days. That’s really easy.”

Jurgen Klopp

Despite everything a German believe the special one is still “an outstanding manager”, because of everything he has achieved.

“He has all my respect,” he said. “He was unbelievably successful.

“Nobody can take away from him all the things he won and I wish he has that in his mind when he leaves and not a few other things, which happened in the last few months.”