Klopp acknowledge Pep Guardiola as the best manager in the world

Jurgen Klopp praises Manchester City boss, Pep Guardiola, calls him is the best manager in the world despite of struggling to catch his side this season so far.

He said: “I’m lucky that I can say that my teams were at least close to his teams because I’ve said a lot of times, I think he is the best manager in the world.

“What he is doing with his team is incredible. The way they play, I really like to watch.

“Pep and I, we are different, so our teams mirror our character. He is much finer than I am as a person so he is the gentleman and I look how I look on the touchline. Probably a bit more intense maybe.

“There’s no rivalry left or right of football. We respect each other lots but on the pitch we want to beat them, that’s normal.

“At the end of the season in most of the seasons he has still won the league. In Germany always, and in England so far as well. That’s how it is but I can easily live with that because I have no problem with being second even when I want to be first.

Liverpool now is 10 points behind their rival Manchester City but Klopp believes these stats does not hide the fact that Guardiola is the best coach.