Kim Jayde speaks after being told to get a boob job

MTV presenter and model Kim Jayde speaks everything she felt after being told to get a boob job, she promised to appreciate her body more.

Kim took to social media to reflect on some of the horrible things she had to hear about her body as a young woman.

She said that growing up, she was often compared to her mom and then later in life to other models. But things got really hectic when she started dating.

“I dated guys that told me about my body and ‘how it should look'”.

Kim said that several guys even suggested that she get cosmetic surgery to look better.

“A couple of them (ex boyfriends) even suggested I get breast implants,” she revealed.

Kim, who is clearly gatvol of people commenting on her body told followers on Instagram that she’s decided to embrace her body with more confidence.

“The older I get, the more comfortable and confident I am in my skin. That’s why I’m posting a bunch of these photos, because I’ve learnt to love my body. When I’m 80 I’m going to look back and realise I was fire and I shouldn’t have let others judge my body or put me down.”