Kids kill toddler after playing dangerous game

Three-year-old died after playing dangerous game with other two other kids, the game end up one dead.

The two older boys, only seven and eight years old, allegedly decided to play a game that looked as if it might have been copied after witnessing street justice.

Kids kill toddler after playing dangerous game

They tied up the third child, a three-year-old boy, with rope, then stoned him and pushed him down the hill.

When they slid down after him they found he was dead.

Mqobi Ndlovu’s father Sandile Khumalo became worried when his son didn’t come home on Saturday.

When he couldn’t find him, he told neighbours and they searched for him.

“We called off the search and continued in the morning.

His body was found at a dumpsite.

“These kids must have witnessed mob justice and it is shocking what they did,” Sandile said.

According to police spokesman Captain Kay Makhubele, the boys were questioned. They confessed to having tied up the three-year-old up with a rope, assaulting him with stones and pushing him down the hill.

“When they too slid down the hill they tried to wake him up but he did not respond,” said Makhubele.

He said on Saturday a missing person’s case was reported at Primrose Police Station at about 9pm.

“On Sunday the body of the boy was found in the dump site next to an informal settlement,” he said.

“A murder case was opened and the suspects were traced.

“Two boys aged seven and eight were questioned and released into the care of their parents,” said Makhubele.