Kelly on Chad da Don: ‘Now I have picked… where I am like, this man is godly’

Kelly Khumalo has admitted that Chad da Don makes her happiest she’s ever been in love even she asked God why he didn’t give her Chad first.

On interview with Mac G, Kelly said she wish as if Chad was the first man to meet following her struggles on past relationships.

“God, I probably regret everything except my husband. I’m like ‘God, where was my husband all along’. And also, it’s not so much the regret, I wish I was the woman that I was then, but I don’t resent what I went through. I respect it because I would not know what I know now.”

Kelly explained that the difference this time around was that she chose a man from a “godly place”.

“Now I have picked from a godly place, where I am like, ‘This man is godly, therefore he will represent everything godly’. I don’t have to tell him not to cheat on me or tell him to treat me right,” she said.