Kelly Khumalo on #SenzoMeyiwa: ‘I will fight till my last breath’

Kelly Khumalo release a statement about her late partner, Senzo Meyiwa, after social network’s users express their disparagement of how authority treat this case.

Senzo was dead five years ago after gunned down at Kelly’s home but till this time the case is under investigation.

Since his death, Kelly is under attack by angry fans who accuse her stage the death of late Bafana Bafana stopper.

Few weeks ago, Kelly Khumalo walked off at the EFF rally after #JusticeForSenzo chants, few days later she speaks about how allegations affect her justice as she wants authority to find the suspect.

On Monday evening, she addresses on social media on how she feels to be subjected as the suspect on Senzo murder.

Kelly made it clear that she not going to sit back and let people “abuse” her.

“I’m not going to sit back and let you abuse and accuse me of something I have nothing to do with. I have co-operated with the law, gave all the necessary information. If there’s one thing I will never do is take the fall for something I know nothing about I will fight till my last breath because that’s who I am,” Kelly said.

She added that she’s realised that life would never be fair to a “woman like her” but she’s not about to ask for anyone’s pity.

Kelly said she would not let people tarnish her reputation for a crime she has not been convicted of.

“I’m done being a doormat. I’m done being a punching back. I’m done being a platform to take out all your failures, guilt and frustrations on. If you strongly feel, believe and have evidence that I had something to do with my daughter’s father’s killing or I am somehow protecting the killers? Then by all means necessary do lock me away and throw away the key.”

“The only thing I’m guilty of is falling in love with a dishonest married man,” Kelly said.

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I will fight till my last Breath!

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